Verification CO2 calculation tool green waste by QS

The first evaluation after three months of CO2 certificates for processing green waste streams shows a lot of vigour among green recycling companies.  These companies now have the option of issuing CO2 certificates to parties that have green residual streams recycled. Eleven sites have now had their CO2 gains from their operations officially verified, nine sites are already in the starting blocks for the process and nine disposers of green waste streams – such as municipalities – have now received CO2 certificates. The latter number is expected to increase rapidly.

The basis for the CO2 certificates is the calculation with the updated ‘CO2 calculation tool green waste’. This tool makes it even more visible that recycling green waste streams leads to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

The calculation tool quantifies the greenhouse gas effects of transport and the recycling process of the green waste streams up to and including the resulting products. On the one hand, it concerns greenhouse gas emissions that occur in the recycling chain and, on the other hand, it concerns emission reductions when products such as compost and biofuels sequester carbon in the soil or replace fossil raw materials and fuels.

Using the calculation tool, a green recycling company can calculate the CO2 benefits of its operations. The company can use this information for internal and external reporting, for example in tenders or when using the CO2 performance ladder.

What is new is that green recycling companies can now issue CO2 certificates. QS can carry out verification as an approved independent auditor. Based on this, the BVOR issues CO2 certificates with the relevant greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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