Safety in business activities

Normec QS is a fully independent and accredited inspection body. All our accredited work is performed and reported under our accreditation as an independent inspection body in accordance with EN-ISO/IEC 17020, Type A (I 248) and all independence criteria and provisions contained therein.

Normec inspector

Independent assessment of EMVI criteria

Because compliance with the award criteria plays a decisive role in tenders, demonstrable compliance with them is attracting growing interest. An independent assessment by an external organization of compliance with the tender criteria has added value in these processes. Also the instrument of management control (verification production control) by an independent party can contribute to the project quality and thus have a quality improving influence.

Expertise for tailor-made inspections

Due to growing compliance requirements, the market increasingly demands tailor-made inspections. Through years of experience, Normec QS is able to translate your inspection request into a solution that suits you. Our expertise in the field of soil protection and plastics will help you further!

Soil protection

Various business activities can lead to soil contamination. The government allows these activities, provided facilities and measures are taken to prevent soil contamination.

Material analysis

Inspection techniques are used to determine whether a structure is demonstrably leak-tight. Normec QS provides inspections, tests and, as an accredited institution, may make statements about the (remaining) service life.


Inspection of piping is provided before, during and after the work. In this way, the required high quality of water and gas networks, among others, is guaranteed.

Civil engineering

The inspection of civil structures, such as (municipal) artworks. Determining the maintenance condition of artworks forms the basis for sustainable management.