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CO2 calculation tool Green waste

On behalf of the BVOR, Normec QS carried out several test verifications for validation according to the new BVOR verification protocol and the renewed CO2 calculation tool for green waste. If you wish to receive CO 2 certificates based on the verified results from the calculation tool, QS can carry out the verification for you as a recognized and fully independent party.

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  • Rely on years of experience and expertise.
  • Schedule inspections, tests and training flexibly.
  • From testing to certification; you are 100% taken care of.
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CO2 certificates

The ‘CO2 calculation tool green waste’ was completely revised by CE Delft in 2021 on behalf of the BVOR. The tool makes it possible to quantify the greenhouse gas effects of the transport and recycling of green waste, and the reuse of the products from the recycling processes. This concerns the greenhouse gas emissions that occur in the recycling chain and the emission savings that occur because products such as compost and biofuels replace fossil raw materials or fossil fuels.


Since 1 March 2022, it has been possible to receive CO2 certificates based on the verified results from the calculation tool. The verification must be carried out by an independent third party approved for this purpose. On the basis of the verification statement issued by this party, the BVOR then issues certificates.

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