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NTA 8828 Electro fusion welding of PE pipes and PE fittings

During the manufacture of electrofusion welding in a PE piping system (also known as PE welding), the quality of the welding connection is crucial. That quality is guaranteed with the NTA 8828 standard. NTA stands for Dutch Technical Agreement. This standard sets requirements for the delivery of high-quality electrofusion weld connections between PE pipes or PE fittings with built-in electrical resistance wire.

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Of course, Normec QS works according to the latest standard: NTA 8828+A1:2019. Furthermore , Normec QS guarantees the quality of PE welding by:

  • Checking for preparations of welding parameters before the start of the welding process
  • Control during and after the welding process on site;
  • Visual examination of test welding and field welding on location and in our own laboratory
  • Non-destructive testing on site
  • Destructive testing of test welding and field welding in our own laboratory.

NTA 8828 standard adapted over the years

The NTA 8828 standard was created by economic operators and stakeholders. This includes pipeline managers, contractors, suppliers and knowledge and inspection bodies. The NTA standard aims to improve the quality and reliability of electrofusion welding connections in improve PE pipes and fittings. The original standard from 1994 was revised for the first time in 2016. With the NTA 8828+A1:2019, the standard has been adapted for the third time to the current conditions and materials used.

Latest version: NTA 8828+A1:2019

The latest version of the NTA 8828+A1:2019 contains new requirements for making electrofusion weld connections in PE piping systems. Electrofusion welding continues to develop continuously . On the basis of practical experiences in electrofusion welding, an official committee adjusts practical and theoretical regulations. The changes made in 2019 have led to the NTA 8828+A1:2019.

Service Overview Normec QS for NTA 8828+A1:2019

Normec QS inspects and tests PE welding. In addition, we train welders and welding supervisors according to the new NTA 8828+A1:2019. This includes the following services:

  • Inspections of PE pipes according to NTA 8828+A1:2019
  • Mechanical testing PE electrofusion welds according to NTA 8828+A1:2019
  • Training, examination and certification of welders according to NTA 8828+A1:2019
  • Training, examination and certification of welding supervisor according to NTA 8828+A1:2019

PE welding training

The Normec QS training to become a PE electrofusion welder and to become a welding supervisor are fully recognized bythe latest NTA 8828 guidelines. For example, NTA 8828+A1:2019 has a more extensive training, examination and certification for welders than previous versions of NTA 8828. In the training, attention is paid to some technical changes in the welding method. In addition, more attention is paid to the handling of PE material and equipment.

Training for PE welding supervisor

The new NTA 8828 has some additions to the training for PE welding supervisor, also known as “LTH’er”. This concerns the extra attention to the way the welder works before, during and after the welding process. This is a central focus of the new NTA 8828+A1:2019 for welding supervisors. At Normec QS , we naturally pay attention to these additions; they are integrated into our training for PE welding supervisor.

Certification promotes quality

The introduction of certified welding supervisors aims to contribute to reliable welding connections in the network. Network administrators have been making working with a personal certification in accordance with the NTA 8828+A1:2019 a condition for manufacturing electrical welding for several years.

Fast delivery of research results

Normec QS makes research results available as soon as possible. In consultation with you, Normec QS determines the delivery time of reports. From 24 hours to a few days, our research results are at your disposal.

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