Training for certified PE butt fusion welder

Follow the one-day recognized welding training to become a butt fusion welder at Normec QS. The course day consists of half a day of theory lessons, half a day of practical lessons and then the exam. After passing the exam, the candidate receives the corresponding personnel certificate for PE butt fusion axes.

Welding certificate according to NEN 7200

Normec QS has developed the one-day welding training to train skilled butt fusion welders. The training is suitable for welders of all plastic pipes and is recognized by the CKB Foundation (Certification Scheme cable infrastructure and pipe laying companies). The training meets all the requirements set in accordance with NEN 7200.

Theory for solid base

In order to be able to manufacture PE butt fusion welds properly, a solid theoretical basis is necessary. During the theory lessons, the students learn the following:

  • Accurately following a carefully established step-by-step plan
  • Know the required welding methods
  • The field of application and material properties
  • Which requirements the inspection and reports must meet.

The practical lessons – dealing with material & environment

During the practical lessons, the candidates practice with:

  • Assessing the material
  • Learning to tune the material
  • Dealing with field conditions such as wind, rain and drought.

Expert instructors

The Normec QS instructors have a broad technical basic knowledge, which allows them to explain the underlying theory and practice well and clearly. They discuss the parts of the welding process and the associated actions.

Persoon geeft les

Exam welding training butt fusion welding

The course day is completed by the student with both a theory and practical exam. The theory exam is taken in the form of a multiple choice test. The practical exam for the welding certificate butt fusion welding in accordance with NEN 7200 consists of making one or more welding connections. This depends on the scope of the intended certificate.
The quality of the papers is assessed by an independent examiner. In addition, the exam papers are tested in the Normec QS laboratory by a tensile test.

CKB-approved certificate and welding pass

If the candidate passes both the theory and the practical assignment, they will receive a welding certificate. The certificate is recognized by the CKB Foundation. In addition, the student receives a personal welding pass.

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Normec QS test laboratory recognised by Synergrid

Since April, Normec QS has been included in Synergrid’s list of recognised test labs for the Belgian market.

Normec QS contributes to certification pilot for European hydrogen requirements

Normec QS contributes to certification pilot for European hydrogen requirements

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