Training for PE welding supervisor (LTH)-er

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Training for PE welding supervisor (LTH)-er

Normec QS offers the recognized training to become a welding supervisor (LTH’er) in accordance with NTA 8828:2018. A training of 2.5 days. The theory and practical lessons are concluded with an exam and presentation of the certificate. If the training has been successfully completed, the LTH staff will meet the requirements that pipeline managers set for them.

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Components of the training

The PE electrofusion welding course NTA 8828+A1:2019 Welding supervisor consists of:

  • 15 hours of theory education
  • 5 hours of practical education
  • Practical exam (90 minutes) and theory exam (75 minutes)

Instructors with broad technical knowledge

Our qualified instructors explain the underlying theory of welding connection from their broad technical knowledge. For example, they discuss the various parts of the welding process and the associated actions. In addition, they help candidates as they practice assessing the actions in the welding process and with meeting the reporting requirements.

Substantive knowledge through theory lessons

The question “who and which parties bear which responsibilities around the welding process” occupies a central place within the theory of the course. The responsibilities of the various stakeholders during the process are therefore discussed in detail. In addition, the LTH employee learns the PE electrofusion welding method required in the infrastructure. He also gains insight into the field of application, the material properties and the inspection and reporting requirements.



In the practical lessons, the student practices assessing:

  • The welding environment
  • The material (tool)
  • The materials
  • The welding connections

NEN-approved certificate and welding supervision pass

The theory exam consists of an online multiple choice test that takes about 75 minutes. The practical exam consists of assessing the actions in the welding process and meeting the set reporting requirements.

After successfully completing the training and the theory and practical exam, the student receives a NEN-recognized certificate and a personal welding supervisor’s pass. The candidate has sufficient basic knowledge of plastics and the welding process. They also has sufficient insight into the responsibilities of various stakeholders. The welding supervisor is excellently prepared to work according to the requirements set by NTA8828.


The certificate and the corresponding personal welding supervisor’s card are valid for 2 years. Recertification is possible by taking a new practical and theoretical exam. To renew the certificate, welding supervisors must retake the full practical and theoretical exam. To prepare for that exam, Normec QS offers a refresher course. Both the refresher course and the exam to be taken for the renewal of the certificate are in accordance with NTA 8828+A1:2019. After retaking the exam, the certificate and the welding supervisor’s pass are valid for three years.

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