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Biomass can be the raw material for energy applications, but also for products, bulk (platform) chemicals, fine chemicals and for bioplastics. Bioplastics are plastics based on natural materials such as starch, cellulose, lactic acid or proteins. By applying biorefinery, various components of the biomass can be released with minimal waste production. Certification of biobased materials can create added value at market introduction and during sales of your products.

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In order to demonstrate the sustainable origin of biomass, the existing NTA 8080 scheme has been expanded. This creates the possibility to also test and certify biomass and bio-based materials for non-energy applications. By means of an on-site audit, conformity with the certification scheme is tested. In the event of a positive outcome, your company will be nominated for certification, after approval the NTA 8080 certificate will be issued.

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