Testing of plastics in compliance with current standards

Medewerker voert afschuiftest uit.

Shear test geosynthetics

Geosynthetics are used in civil engineering and in environmental engineering. They include fabrics, membranes, geomembranes, foils and grids that have a sealing or enclosing function.

When constructing sealing structures with geosynthetics on embankments in civil works, it is important to be able to account for the stability. This is possible after having a shear test carried out completely independently in accordance with NEN-EN 12957-1 or NEN-EN 12957-2.

This test verifies whether the desired angle of inclination is feasible or meets the set requirements. Normec QS can already start this test at the design phase and has a short lead time.

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Provide security

Contractors in the civil engineering sector can offer certainty to their client with the shear test. Being able to independently demonstrate that the right geoplastics have been applied under the right conditions fits in with a professional working method. In addition, errors detected at an early stage can prevent further damage and be repaired.

Stability calculation verification

Normec QS tests the stability calculations as designed completely independently. The report provides insight into the steepest slope that is possible with the desired package of soil and geoplastics. You can also use the results to support the selection of the best product in your situation.

Shear test during realization phase

In the laboratory of Normec QS, it can also be checked during the execution whether the friction properties of the geosynthetics used correspond to the requirements set in the design. If desired, an inspector will take care of the sampling to demonstrate the representativeness of the materials used. Changing circumstances mean that the performance of geoplastics is not always constant. The shear test gives both client and contractor independent insight. Any adjustments can then still be made during the execution of the work.

Normec QS performs the shear test in the laboratory in Bennekom, which is equipped with the most modern (measuring) equipment. It is possible to attend the test. Our personal approach ensures clear communication and a fast turnaround time. You can supply the samples to be used yourself, or have them taken care of by Normec QS. The report issued by the inspector is written in Dutch.

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