Prevent soil contamination during business activities

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Conformity management and aftercare landfills

When it comes to soil protection, there are various situations in which ‘aftercare’ is chosen.

Aftercare refers to the conscious management(s) of contaminated substances in or on the soil. But also whether these substances can be responsibly left at this location. Aftercare has minimum requirements regarding the level of protection. These are laid down in, among other things, the Landfill Decree on Soil Protection and the Implementing Regulation on landfilling decree on soil protection. The upcoming Environment and Planning Act (and transitional law) will also play a role in the management of aftercare locations.

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Aftercare locations include:

  • former landfills
  • residual contamination and former soil remediation sites
  • IBC constructions
  • work in the context of the Building Materials Decree.

For each type of aftercare location, requirements apply regarding the delivery and the completely independent determination of conformity at delivery or transfer.

Demonstrably independent specialist

Normec QS can demonstrably call itself an independent specialist when it comes to assessing the conformity requirements for landfills, but also during the construction of plastics structures, mineral seals or combination seals.

Review plastics constructions

At the request of the client, Normec QS assesses plastics constructions during the various construction phases. These constructions are used, among other things, in the bottom and top sealing of (former) landfills.

  • the subsoil
  • the materials used
  • the application of the strips of foil
  • the execution of the welding work, welding method and welding
  • the execution of repairs and carry-outs
  • the application of the covering layer.

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