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Better Biomass NTA 8080

Better Biomass is a certification scheme for sustainable bio energy and bio-based materials developed by the Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN). As an active member of the Board of Experts of NEN, NORMEC QS is recognized by the NEN and RvA to carry out independent audits and certification under the NTA 8080-1 and NTA 8080-2 standard. If these standards are met, the applicant will receive the Better Biomass certificate.

Why Normec QS?
  • Rely on years of experience and expertise.
  • Schedule inspections, tests and training flexibly.
  • From testing to certification; you are 100% taken care of.
  • Normec QS is your expert partner with an active involvement in standardisation.

Broad public support for The Better Biomass scheme

Better Biomass has built up a large support base among NGO’s and due to the various (international) recognitions, Better Biomass is now used by many parties both nationally and internationally.
The Better Biomass scheme has been recognised by the European Commission as a voluntary scheme and meets the requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive, also known as the RED II, to demonstrate compliance with the relevant sustainability criteria for biomass.
In addition, the scheme has been approved by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy to demonstrate compliance with the requirements in the “Regulation on conformity assessment of solid biomass for energy applications.”

Certification, traceability and provenance

For certification of sustainable biomass, the NTA 8080-1 currently applies (second edition, 2015). For traceability in the biomass supply chain, the applicable standard is NTA 8080-2 (second edition, 2015). Rules for certification are laid down in the certification scheme NCS 8080, supplemented by the most relevant interpretation document.

Components that are assessed by Normec QS during the audits are:

  • origin and traceability
  • mass balance
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • competition with food and/or other local applications
  • biodiversity & environment
  • prosperity & well-being

Involvement of the entire chain required for NTA 8080 certification

For Better Biomass , the entire chain is always involved, so that full traceability and sustainability claim is guaranteed for raw materials in every conceivable sector/branch.

In practice, this means that both suppliers, producers, traders and customers must cooperate and/or be Better Biomass certified for a conclusive chain.

Validity Better Biomass certificate

A Better Biomass certificate has a validity of 5 years, with an annual audit. Detailed information about the certification can be foundon the Better Biomass website.
For insight into the register of NTA 8080 certified organizations, you can go here.

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