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HBE entry verification

In the Netherlands, the Energy Transport Regulation is in force. Part of this Regulation is the entry verification. This is a mandatory component for companies that register in the Energy for Transport Register (REV) as part of their annual obligation or on a voluntary basis. The annual obligation relates to petrol, diesel, liquid biofuels and/or liquid renewable fuels supplied to road vehicles in the Netherlands. For gaseous biofuel (green gas) and electricity, there is the possibility to use the voluntary scheme to create HBEs.

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Review and verification statement by Normec QS

The Dutch Emission Authority (NEa) requires an annual verification of an independent verifier for the entry in the REV. As an independent party, Normec QS may provide the assessment and verification statement ‘Book year-end closing’ for companies. The verification shall take place after the end of the financial year, but before 1 May of the following year. Prior to the verification of bookings, we draw up a plan of a cost-effective verification process together with the applicant.



The verification statement must show that the amount of renewable energy booked meets all legal requirements and is linked to a sustainability certification in the case of biofuels. The possible use of double-counting biofuels may also be part of the verification declaration.

After completion of the verification, you will receive a verification statement and report.

Renewable Fuel Units (HBEs)

The mandatory share of renewable energy is laid down by law with an annual increase. The annual obligation is expressed in Renewable Fuel Units (HBEs). An HBE represents 1 Gof igajoule (GJ) of renewable energy supplied to transport in the Netherlands.

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