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Inspection combination seals

At the request of clients, Normec QS assesses combination seals during the various construction phases. A combination seal consists of a foil applied with direct contact of a mineral sealing layer. In addition to the extra security of the double seal, the advantages of both materials and their properties are also well exploited. Combination seals are mainly used in landfills.

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Transparent assessment based on protocols

In the case of a combination seal, a top seal of a landfill consists of:

  • The waste
  • The support layer, for example AEC bottom ash
  • The mineral layer
  • The plastics layer, generally PE-HD
  • The drainage layer, which consists of sand or a drainage mat
  • The covering ground

The findings resulting from the inspection are recorded in a report for the client and, if necessary, provided with a declaration of conformity. The mineral layer is also tested by an accredited laboratory on behalf of Normec QS for, among other things, the compaction value and water permeability (k-value).

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