Lifetime prediction of plastics

The service life of applied plastics depends on various environmental factors. Chemical, physical and mechanical degradation processes can limit the design life. With a laboratory test, premature failure can be identified.
The laboratory facilities of Normec QS are equipped for research into the expected lifespan of, among other things, plastic materials and constructions.

As an example of this, research is being done to predict the expected lifespan of a geomembrane construction. A starting point can be the execution of long-term tests. With this, a statement can be made about a lifetime expectation for a period of at least 100 years.

As an example, research is conducted to predict the expected service life of a plastics construction or geotextiles. A starting point may be to perform long-duration tests. This allows a statement to be made about a life prediction for a period of at least 100 years.

Assessment by recognised expert

A recognised long-term behaviour expert interprets the research results and records them in a research report with lifetime expectations, as described in the Protocols for the application of plastic geomembranes for soil protection and gas and liquid barrier layers – Part I: Materials, UIT 83:2018, NEN and Part II: Construction and acceptance, UIT 84:2018, NEN

Transparent working method

An important part of the research into the lifetime determinations are long-term exposures to the materials to be assessed. This research is based on a scientifically based research methodology, which has been drawn up by TNO Industry and Technology. The lead times of the research projects depend, among other things, on the required long-term exhibitions. In consultation, prior to the start of the research process, we coordinate the entire lead time with you. This way we keep the process transparent at all times.

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Normec QS test laboratory recognised by Synergrid

Since April, Normec QS has been included in Synergrid’s list of recognised test labs for the Belgian market.

Normec QS contributes to certification pilot for European hydrogen requirements

Normec QS contributes to certification pilot for European hydrogen requirements

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