A career at Normec QS

Our employees work in a professional environment on appealing projects in the field of testing, inspection and certification. In the development of standards relevant to our field, we are often one of the first active market players. That makes our work innovative and challenging.

Normec employee

Why work at Normec QS?

At Normec QS about 35 inspectors, auditors and material specialists work together to make our living environment safer and more sustainable. As an independent specialist, Normec QS provides services in testing, inspection and certification of projects in areas such as waste, recycling, composting, civil engineering, renewable energy and infrastructure.

Working at Normec QS means:

  • Work at a flexible, driven and customer-oriented organization.
  • Be part of a knowledgeable and engaged team.
  • Contribute to a sustainable world with your knowledge and skills.

Window of Opportunities

Normec QS is part of Normec, an ambitious, independent and fast growing organisation in the Testing, Inspection, Certification, Compliance (TICC) industry. Normec takes care of the quality and safety of its customers’ assets, systems and products. We do this through smart deployment of IT resources, but above all through our experienced employees.

Knowledgeable. Enterprising. Ambitious. Diligent. Traits that are recognizable among the more than 4,000 Normec employees. At Normec, these are personality traits we appreciate and are happy to accommodate. We have a love of science and legislation but also always recognize a window of opportunities. Opportunities for our clients and our employees.


Our jobs

Work at Normec

As a growing organization, we are regularly looking for knowledgeable colleagues. Please feel free to send us an open application.

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About us

Normec QS provides independent testing, inspection and certification services. Our services enable you to improve your business performance. We achieve this for you by qualifying and reducing the business risks in your chain.