Secure water and gas networks. Before, during and after operations.

Inspecteur controleert leiding.

Inspection Piping

Normec QS tests and inspects welded joints in plastic piping systems. It concerns the PE welding process and the quality of manufactured PE welding in PE piping systems. We take care of the inspection and testing of PE welding before, during and after the welding process. In this way, we guarantee the required high quality of, among other things, water and gas networks.

Preventing welding errors… that is what it is all about when assessing the welding process and the welds manufactured. This increases the operational reliability of the infrastructure. We also provide welding training to become a certified PE welder and training to become certified welding supervisors. With this we offer future welders and welding supervisors a solid basis.

Why Normec QS?
  • Rely on years of experience and expertise.
  • Schedule inspections, tests and training flexibly.
  • From testing to certification; you are 100% taken care of.
  • Normec QS is your expert partner with an active involvement in standardisation.

Control welding and welding process

Normec QS employees check and inspect PE welds on the following points, among others:

  • qualifications of welders and welding equipment
  • welding parameters, the welding setup and the welding process
  • materials used
  • visual inspection of the welds manufactured
  • non-destructive testing by ultrasonic measurement of manufactured welds
  • destructive testing of manufactured welds.

Our inspectors record findings and research results in a report for the client, accompanied by a declaration of conformity.


To promote the quality of PE welding, it is checked whether the welder is certified for the relevant welding method and diameter of the pipe. The welding equipment used is also checked for conformity.

Fully independent PE welding research

Normec QS is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council. The external supervision by the Dutch Accreditation Council guarantees that Normec QS is completely independent and demonstrably works in accordance with internationally recognized NEN-EN-ISO/IEC standards. With both accredited ultrasonic testing inspections and destructive laboratory testing, Normec QS offers a unique one-stop-shop.


Before the start of PE welding, a Normec QS welding inspector checks whether the weather conditions are suitable for the manufacture of good PE welding. He also checks the welding parameters, the arrangement of welding equipment and the welding process. This allows a statement to be made about the way in which a welder manufactures PE welds.

Applied PE welding materials

When inspecting PE welding, our inspector checks the quality of the PE materials used.

Destructive testing

As a rule, Normec QS tests at least one representative weld before the start of the welding work of each pipe with a specific diameter. This is done in the accredited laboratory of Normec QS. The test shall be carried out by tensile tests in butt fusion welding and by detachment tests in electrofusion welding.

Visual welding examination

After completion of the welding process, the inspector assesses the welds visually. This checks whether the result meets the set standards. At the request of the client, a Normec QS inspector can also carry out unannounced inspections during welding work.

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