Training for certified PE electrofusion welder

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Training for certified PE electrofusion welder

Certified PE electrofusion welder via Normec QS within 4 days. We offer the entire process, which consists of a theoretical and practical training, followed by an exam and certification. The training complies with the latest NTA 8828 guidelines. Electrofusion welders who pass their exam meet the requirements that pipeline managers set for them.

Why Normec QS?
  • Rely on years of experience and expertise.
  • Schedule inspections, tests and training flexibly.
  • From testing to certification; you are 100% taken care of.
  • Normec QS is your expert partner with an active involvement in standardisation.

Division of hours of three-day curriculum

The curriculum of the PE electrofusion welding course NTA 8828 consists of the following hours:

12 hours of theory education
12 hours of practical training
4 hours practical exam
1 hour theory exam (via CITO)

Instructors with broad technical knowledge

All our instructors have a broad technical knowledge. As a result, they are able to clearly explain or implement the underlying theory and practice with regard to load connections.

Theory lessons

To make really good quality electrofusion welding, electrofusion welders learn to follow an accurate step-by-step plan. They also learn the theory behind the required welding method and gain insight into the field of application and the material properties. Finally, they learn all about the inspection and reporting requirements.

Practical lessons

During the practical lessons, the candidates practice a lot with assessing and adjusting the material. But they also learn to deal with practical conditions, such as carrying out the work in different weather conditions.

Exam PE- electrofusion welder

The training is concluded (on the fourth day) with both a practical exam. The practical part of the exam consists of making four welded joints. The quality of this is assessed by an independent examiner. A detachment test determines whether the test documents meet the standard.

The theory exam is taken in the form of an online multiple choice test. These exams can be booked directly with CITO at a location of your choice.

When a candidate successfully completes all parts, the welder has passed the exam of electrofusion welder in accordance with the latest version of the NTA 8828 and receives a NEN-recognized certificate and a personal welding pass.

The certificate and welding pass are valid for two years. To renew the certificate, welders must retake the full practical and theoretical exam. In preparation for the exam, participants can prepare via the Normec QS refresher course. Both the refresher course and the exam for the renewal of the certificate are always in accordance with the latest version of the NTA 8828. Retake the exam? Then the certificate and the welding pass are valid for three years.

Training days 2024

  • June 25 and 27, and July 4 (practical exam on July 5, 8 or 9)
  • September 3, 5 and 11 (practical exam on September 12, 13 or 16)
  • October 10, 15 and 17 (practical exam on October 18, 21 or 22)
  • December 10, 12 and 17 (practical exam on December 18, 20 or 23)

Refresher courses

  • June 5 (practical exam on June 6, 7 or 10)
  • July 9 (practical exam on July 10, 11 or 12)
  • October 1 (practical exam on October 2, 4 or 7)
  • October 24 (practical exam on October 28 or 30, or November 1)
  • November 26 (practical exam on November 27 or 29 of December 2)

If you would like to schedule a training for a group, please contact us. We will then discuss the possibilities.

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