Non-destructive testing of butt fusion welding

During the manufacture of butt fusion welding in a PE piping system, the quality of the welding connection is of crucial importance. Normec QS guarantees the quality of PE butt fusion weld connections through a number of measures:

  • Control of preparations and welding parameters before the start of the welding process
  • Control during and after the welding process on site
  • Visual inspection of test welding and field welding on location and in our own laboratory
  • Non-destructive examination of mirror welding on site and in our own laboratory
  • Destructive testing of test welding and field welding in our own laboratory

Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD)

ToFD is a form of non-destructive (ultrasonic) examination using a scanner. In addition, an ultrasonicist from Normec QS sends precisely tuned sound waves through the inside of the butt fusion weld. This form of NDT research is a form of radiographic welding research. With ToFD, a scan results in a film image of the inside of a butt fusion weld on which, for example, possible air bubbles or grains of sand in the butt fusion weld become visible. Based on the results of the investigation, the inspector can determine whether there are possible unacceptable deviations.

Non-destructive testing versus visual examination

Non-destructive testing performs one of our welding inspectorsin addition to visual inspection. By performing ultrasonic NDT examination, the welding inspector assesses the inside of a butt fusion weld. During the visual inspection, he inspects and assesses the outside of a butt fusion weld.

Non-destructive testing versus destructive testing

Non-destructive testing by Normec QS takes place alongside destructive testing in the Normec QS Testing laboratory. In NDT research, the butt fusion weld remains intact. In destructive testing, the strength of the impact weld is tested in the Normec QS laboratory by means of a tensile test.

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Normec QS test laboratory recognised by Synergrid

Since April, Normec QS has been included in Synergrid’s list of recognised test labs for the Belgian market.

Normec QS contributes to certification pilot for European hydrogen requirements

Normec QS contributes to certification pilot for European hydrogen requirements

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