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Verification sustainability biomass SDE RED II

From 2022, sustainability requirements will apply to a large number of categories of installations that produce energy from biomass with an SDE subsidy. Energy produced with these installations is only eligible for an SDE subsidy if the biomass used for this purpose meets established sustainability requirements. The sustainability requirements apply to SDE decision applications from after 21 December 2018. The obligation to demonstrate the sustainability of biomass is laid down in the most recent versions of the Designation scheme for sustainable energy production and climate transition and the General Implementation Regulation for sustainable energy production and climate transition.

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The sustainability requirements stem from the European Renewable Energy Directive (EC/2001/2018, ‘recast of Renewable Energy Directive’, also abbreviated to REDII) as amended in 2018. These requirements are in addition to the long-standing sustainability requirements for energy production from solid biomass in the form of pellets, which stem from the Energy Agreement and which are laid down in the Decree and the Ministerial Regulation conformity assessment of solid biomass for energy applications.

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As a conformity assessment body (CBI), Normec QS can take care of the verification and Conformity annual declaration (CJV) for you. The verification shall take place after the end of the financial year. Prior to verification, we are happy to work with you to draw up a plan of a cost-effective verification process.

Demonstrate sustainability

Energy producers who, after implementing the REDII according to the SDE, now also have to demonstrate sustainability, must demonstrate for each supply of biomass that it meets the applicable sustainability requirements. This can be done by using certification schemes approved by the European Commission, and in a number of cases by carrying out verification of individual deliveries with alternative evidence.


The sustainability information collected by the energy producer is checked by a conformity assessment body (CBI) recognised by the Minister for this verification protocol. The findings of this conformity assessment are recorded by the CBI in the Annual Declaration of Conformity (CJV). The CJV signed by the CBI is provided by the SDE subsidy recipient to RVO and is a condition for granting subsidies for all energy producers who have to demonstrate sustainability.

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