Training plastic welder geomembranes material

Qualified plastics welder geomembranes material within a day at Normec QS. We offer the total course, which consists of theory and practical training, followed by a welding practice test and qualification. This training is conducted at Normec QS or preferably on site. Plastic welders who pass their test of welding skills meet the requirements of pipeline operators.

Teaching program

  • 2 hours of theoretical instruction
  • 6 hours of practical training

Theory and practice

To make really good quality plastic welds, plastic welders learn to follow a precise step-by-step plan. They also learn the theory behind the required welding method and gain an understanding of the area of application and material properties. Finally, they learn all about inspection and reporting requirements.

During the practical classes, trainees practice a lot with assessing and adjusting the material. But they also learn to deal with practical conditions, such as performing the work in different weather conditions.

Instructors with a wide range of knowledge

All of our instructors have broad technical knowledge. As a result, they are able to clearly explain or perform the underlying theory and practice related to welding joints.

Persoon geeft les

Trial of welding skills

At the end of the practical part, a test of welding skill is administered to each participant. Upon demonstrated welding proficiency, the participant receives proof of welding proficiency, including welding pass.


The certificate of welding skill is valid for up to three years after it is issued. To renew the certificate, welders must retake the theory and practical training. Then the certificate and welding pass are valid for another three years.

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Normec QS test laboratory recognised by Synergrid

Since April, Normec QS has been included in Synergrid’s list of recognised test labs for the Belgian market.

Normec QS contributes to certification pilot for European hydrogen requirements

Normec QS contributes to certification pilot for European hydrogen requirements

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From 17 to 20 January, we will be at the Infratech in Rotterdam Ahoy with our colleagues from Normec Certification and Normec Rei-Lux.

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