Testing of welded joints in compliance with current standards

NDO elektrolassen

Non-destructive testing of electrofusion welding

The quality of a welding joint is extremely important in the manufacture of an electrofusion weld in a PE piping system, also known as PE electro-welding or PE-welding. Normec QS guarantees the quality of electrofusion welding connections by, among other things, a Non-Destructive Test (NDT) on site.

The entire research into the quality of electro welding consists of the following steps:

  • We work according to the latest protocol: NTA 8828+A1:2019
  • Control of preparations of welding parameters before the start of the welding process
  • On-site monitoring during and after the welding process
  • Visual inspection of test welding and field welding on site and in our own laboratory
  • Non-destructive ultrasonic PAUT testing
  • Destructive testing of test welding and field welding in our own laboratory
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Non-destructive testing with PAUT probe

After the visual examination, an ultrasonicist from Normec QS performs ultrasonic examination on the electrofuscion welding connection. This research also takes place on location. In this study, an ultrasonicist uses a scanner with a PAUT probe. With the help of the Phased Array Ultrasonic technique (PAUT), it transmits sound waves straight through the entire electro-welding connection. This form of ultrasound results in a film on which possible inadmissible deviations, such as cavities and contamination, become visible in the electro-welding connection.

Ultrasonic testing can be used to assess the quality of the welding zone of an electrofusion welding connection. Certainty about this is an important part of the quality assurance of electrofusion welded joints.

Ultrasonic examination

With ultrasonic examination, Normec QS checks the inside of an electro-welding connection. Thanks to the advanced scanning equipment, it can be seen whether there are irregularities such as grains of sand or air bubbles in the electro-welding connection that can weaken the connection. As with visual inspection, ultrasonic examination takes place at the location where the electrofusion welding connections are made.

Non-destructive testing & destructive testing

Non-destructive testing by Normec QS takes place in addition to destructive testing, which is carried out in the Laboratory of Normec QS. The big difference is that with non-destructive testing, the electrofusion weld remains intact. This is not the case with destructive testing. In this case, the strength of the electrofusion is tested in the laboratory of Normec QS by means of a detachment test. With this, Normec QS checks the breaking behaviour of the welded joint and whether or not there is a sticky weld or brittle fracture.

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