Prevent soil contamination during business activities

Het uitvoeren van een afschuiftest

Inspection of mineral soil protection & sealing structures

Mineral soil protection and sealing structures are often used in environmental protection facilities. In certain cases, it is enough to apply only a mineral layer for insulating the contaminated plot. However, this depends on the licensing authority. A mineral layer can consist of, for example, sand-bentonite, Trisoplast®, bentonite mats, tertiary clay or another clay-like product.

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Inspection & assessment of the mineral layer

Normec QS inspects and assesses the execution of the work during the construction of the mineral layer. Then we do this by looking at, among other things, the flatness, uniformity and homogeneity of the applied layer.
In addition, the mineral layer is tested by an accredited laboratory on behalf of Normec QS for, among other things, the compaction value and the k-value. These parameters provide good insight into the stiffness and average water permeability.

The findings of the inspectors are recorded in a report for the client. This report may be accompanied by a declaration of conformity.

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