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Hydrologische meting

Inspection Hydrological measurement (AS6703)

Periodic inspection of company sewers is not always mandatory, but is increasingly made mandatory with the upcoming environmental law. It is always the case that you as the manager/owner are responsible for any soil contamination after leakage. You’d rather avoid that. Normec QS performs tests with a hydrological measurement based on protocol 6703. This assesses the liquid tightness of the operating sewerage system.

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Two types of company sewerage

A company sewerage system is a system of pipes, connectors and elements such as street and sidewalk eddies, gutter elements, collection wells, installations and sludge collection wells, oil water separator and control wells for the collection and disposal of industrial waste water. A distinction is made between two types of company sewers, namely:

  • company sewerage under free decay
  • operating sewerage with overpressure (sewer press pipes)

Inspection of the company sewerage system to prevent remediation costs

Years of inspection experience show that many company sewers are leaky. For you, this means an increased risk of soil contamination. Because a leak can usually be repaired relatively easily, repair costs to prevent expensive remediation are more than worth investing.

Procedure Inspection

The operating sewerage system (free decay and/or overpressure) is tested by a hydrological measurement based on Protocol 6703. The assessment of the liquid tightness of the operating sewerage system is limited to the inlet of the control well.

After the inspection has been carried out, a report is drawn up, containing the result of the inspection. Depending on the inspection results, we will grant you the Liquid-Tight Facilities Declaration.

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