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SMK Milieukeur Green Electricity

The Green Electricity Ecolabel certification scheme enables suppliers of green electricity to demonstrate the sustainable origin of their product. They can make this known to a wide audience with the logo ‘Milieukeur Groene Elektriciteit’. There are, of course, a number of requirements for the granting of this milieulabel. Audits are applied for this. As part of its services, Normec QS can carry out these audits.

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Green electricity

Green electricity is electricity generated from renewable sources such as sun, wind, water and biomass. More and more often, however, the discussion arises whether green electricity has actually been generated and supplied sustainably. Only Guarantees of Origin sometimes provide insufficient certainty whether the green electricity has really been generated sustainably. That is why the Ecolabel Green Electricity was created.

Sustainability requirements & Environmental criteria

The sustainability requirements and environmental criteria of the Green Electricity Ecolabel differ per renewable source. For all sources, the legal requirement with regard to the write-off of Guarantees of Origin (GoO) as prescribed in the Electricity Act must in any case be met.

In addition, the ecological criteria:

  • For green electricity, refer to the environmental quality of the renewable energy sources used;
  • For electricity from biomass, requirements have been formulated for the durability of the fuel used and in particular the CO2 performance based on a life cycle assessment
  • For hydropower, requirements have been set for the date of issue of the environmental permit as a measure of strict sustainability requirements for the installation
  • For foreign renewable energy production, the same environmental criteria apply as for domestic renewable energy sources
  • In the case of the import of green electricity, special criteria have been laid down with regard to guarantees of origin and additionality

Services and audit process

An auditor of Normec QS checks during an audit whether the quantities of electricity sold in a certain period have actually been demonstrably purchased and/or produced from a sustainable source. The audit consists of checking both a volume component (kWh) and a quality component (product composition to renewable source). The Ecolabel Green Electricity certificate is issued after a positive audit, after which a follow-up audit takes place every year.


The Ecolabel Green Electricity scheme has been drawn up by Stichting Milieukeur (SMK). Currently, some suppliers put their green electricity on the market under the Ecolabel, see register on website SMK.
More information and the certification scheme can be found on the website of SMK Milieukeur. Click here for more information and infosheet of SMK about the added value of Milieukeur Groene Elektriciteit.

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