Energy from waste streams

Inspectie leidingwerken

Waste and Recycling

The waste industry is in a state of flux, partly due to policy changes and its changing role as a raw materials traffic circle. Increased awareness regarding the cascading of raw materials, in addition to the extraction of energy from waste streams, will lead to more recovery and use of recycled streams. The introduction of waste-to-energy plants (WtE plants) has created a market for ash and aggregates as IBC building materials. Management of landfill sites will also remain a crucial part of operations now and in the future.

Water treatment

In addition to solid waste, innovations in influent treatment are also numerous. The establishment of sludge digestion plants has resulted in significant efficiencies over the past decade. The necessary maintenance of plants in wastewater management, mapped in part by inspection and monitoring provides optimization in asset management.
This latest form of geoelectric measurement has been developed by Normec QS in cooperation with ABV Haukes: GEM². This system provides inspections of all foil bin structures and (collection) basins. To show you exactly what GEM² entails, please refer to the animation that is available on the GEM² website.

Groundwater protection

Within our independent quality control, we consider the prevention of soil and groundwater contamination to be one of our most important principles. Through our expertise in the industries in which we operate, we provide you with independent results for legal compliance. With this we would like to contribute to a safe drinking water supply for now and in the future.

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