Sustainability in industry



The industry has a major role to play in terms of sustainability. Sustainability requirements for facilities are becoming more and more stringent and demonstrability of compliance with (inter)national laws, regulations and standards increasingly essential. Normec QS is a recognized organisation and your knowledge partner in the field of testing, inspection and certification in the industrial sector.

Liquid tightness soil protection facilities

Sustainability requirements are constantly evolving, an example is the change in regulations for soil protection in sewage piping (AS SIKB 6703). The inspection for liquid tightness of soil protection facilities has been tightened. Normec QS takes care of both the legally required inspection and can make a statement about the inventory of residual life, leaving you completely care-free.

Renewable resources and energy

In addition to soil applications, energy applications from organic waste streams are on the rise. The centralization of biomass at biomass sites opens up the market, while the sustainable origin of biomass can be guaranteed through NTA 8080 certification.

The application of biorefinery of, for example, lignocellulosic material for biobased innovations is also attracting interest.

Worldwide, the need for energy and raw materials is increasing due to emerging economies and changing consumption patterns. Fossil energy sources are finite, more difficult to extract, and CO2 emissions cause environmental problems. In addition, there is a growing desire within Europe for more geo-politically independent energy and raw material extraction.

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