Quality controls of great significance

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Civil engineering

The current market is in transition from conventional to integrated contract forms. The extension of liability to the use phase of works has definitely transformed the playing field. Quality controls can be of great significance in this. Independent recording of compliance with the specifications requirements of the works performed can add value for both the client and the contractor. As a result, operational security for the future can be achieved.

Quality control during the construction phase

Independent inspections can take place during different construction phases: in the case of deepened foil structures or IBC works, inspections are carried out during construction. Verification of design life” is also a concrete implementation of quality inspections and material tests to demonstrate the expected life of a constructed foil construction. Through long-duration tests, a statement can be obtained about a life expectancy for a period of at least 100 years.

Finally, maintenance inspections during the usage phase of a construction are a means to permanently comply with performance contracts for foil applications in civil engineering.

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