Normec QS focuses within its laboratory on the testing and assessment of plastic materials and welded joints.

Normec QS’s laboratory facilities are equipped to test various plastics and plastic compounds in accordance with standardized NEN, EN, ISO, DIN or DVS standards. Among other things, Normec QS has facilities for performing tensile tests, detachment tests and tensile impact tests. Also, Normec QS offers services in the field of residual life testing for pipes & geomembranes.

In addition to performing standardized tests, Normec QS also offers the possibility of performing a customer-specific research program. Here we are not limited to testing plastics, but other materials can also be tested.

Normec QS experts are regularly used as independent assessors in damage investigations.

Verification testing
During various stages of product innovation, it is necessary to have the validity of your product or material specifications determined by an independent party. Normec QS provides this verification of product properties in its own workshop and laboratory. We are happy to assist you in completing your (product) development process.

Innovative materials

The lifespan of applied plastics is subject to environmental factors, among others. Chemical, physical and mechanical degradation processes can limit a design life. Among other things, premature failure can be identified through laboratory testing.

Innovative welding

During the construction of piping systems, the quality of the welded joints is critical. By testing the joints in accordance with the applicable standards, the quality is guaranteed.

Non-destructive testing of electrofusion welding

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