Our employees work in a professional environment on appealing projects in the field of testing, inspection and certification. In the development of standards relevant to our field, we are often one of the first active market players. That makes our work innovative and challenging.


At Normec QS about 35 inspectors, auditors and material specialists work together to make our living environment safer and more sustainable. As an independent specialist, Normec QS provides services in testing, inspection and certification of projects in areas such as waste, recycling, composting, civil engineering, renewable energy and infrastructure.

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Normec Group

Normec QS is part of Normec Group, the proud employer of over 2,500 driven professionals with years of experience and knowledge in various sectors. It is therefore the number one in the field of testing, inspection, certification and accommodation. They work hard, yes, but with pleasure. And that typifies the entire Normec Group. Because having fun at work guarantees better results and better quality. Normec QS therefore strives for a working environment where employees feel good, and perform the work with enthusiasm and passion.

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